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Seeking is the essence of all organisms; however at a gross state the intensity and the depth vary from simple to complex organisms. A simple organism such as amoeba will seek life to avoid death, seek chemical balance over imbalance while the more complex an organism gets the seeking also goes beyond just for survival. But the earliest of single-cell organisms have limited means of seeking anything while the multicellular organisms developed sophisticated organs to seek what one desires.



The beginning of evolution saw the formation of organisms such as amoeba which use simple mechanisms to survive. From these basic forms the progress of evolution gave way to progressively more complex organisms such as hydra and sea anemones, which have single nerve cells to help in survival. The evolution of higher organisms showed a more complicated behavioral repertoire which corresponds directly to the complexity of the nervous system. For eg., earthworms developed a nervous system consisting of a cerebral ganglion and a ventral nerve cord; animals such as frogs, snakes developed more specialized organs within their nervous systems, and human beings, the ultimate product of evolution, developed the most complexnervous system.


One of the most significant developments of the 20th century was the increasing recognition that aspects of human behavior and experience are actually functions of a material structure, the nervous system. Such an idea seems to have been on the mind of 19th century poet, Emily Dickinson, who wrote that the brain can contain the sky “With ease - and You - beside”. This gross level complexity and enormous capacity to sustain knowledge of the human brain has not only had a positive impact on society in the form of improving the quality of life, but has led to many negative aspects such as psychosomatic diseases, stress etc.

Modern medicine seems to help overcome these negatives aspects by implementing the following characteristics:

• A passive attitude on the part of the individual. Someone else takes responsibility to reduce or destroy the virulent aggressors by disinfectants, antibiotics, antiseptics, and other forms of “anti” something.
• The products used have a physio-chemical or biochemical action on the organism and or the environment.
• A mechanist orientation, whereby matter governs everything and each problem can be reduced to its composite parts.

While these characteristics do seem to provide relief, they do not help in curing the problems, as the mind layer that has been developed has lost contact with its ecological and organic roots. Thus, there is a need for the medical science of the 21st century to integrate a new approach to sickness and healing. In the new approach:
• The individual takes an active approach, drawing on his own reserves of energy to fight off external aggression. This would require an awareness of the source and functioning of this energy.
• Mediator-transmitted methods of activating natural immunity.
• Complex conceptualization, i.e. the body is considered as living and heterogeneous, it can not be separated into different components (physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual) without losing its identity. It evolves over time and adapts according to events and circumstances. It has a psychological and physical memory (the immune system and the memory of aggressors, for instance) which allow it to adapt itself over time.
• Remedies provide information; information does not, however, exist in a vacuum. It only becomes real when received and treated by the receiver.
• Importance of prevention and control of environmental factors which lower the body’s capacity to respond.

To understand the underlying psycho-physiological mechanisms of the body, let us take a look at some scientific principles brought to light by ancient oriental knowledge, in particular the Indian tradition of yoga.

Parasympathetic, the central path, the Tao
Eastern spiritual traditions explain that a certain energy resides in the sacrum bone (it is said to be a fraction of the primordial cosmic energy), capable of developing under certain conditions, and of “vibrating” the other plexuses with the help of the parasympathetic nervous system. This suggests that each nerve plexus has a way of acting which is not solely chemical and electromagnetic, but which encompasses another component of the energy field: much more subtle and for lack of a better word labelled “vibrations”.

In anatomical terms, the parasympathetic nervous system has a peculiarity: there is a gap in the line of nerve bundles going from the brain to the base of the spinal column, at the level of the stomach (thoracic and lumbar columns). Because of this, the tenth cranial nerve which carries the most parasympathetic fibres was called the vagus nerve. The physiological consequence is that the brain is unaware of what lies below the solar plexus (for lack of liaison) and thus the energy residing in the sacrum bone remains in theunconscious.

Yogis claim that this energy has been waiting since the dawn of evolution for the consciousness of humans to be sufficient to conceive of an integration with the universe, before starting to function. This phenomenon can be compared to the sexual functions, which only activate when a certain level of maturity is reached in the human body.

The awakening of this energy manifests in an experience called “Self Realisation” describedin many traditions, but also by modern authors including Jung, Einstein, Maslow, Gan-dhi, Marcelle Senard, Kahlil Gibran.

Self Realisation
The awakening of the “spiritual” energy in the sacrum manifests as a vibration capable of creating an energy bridge between the two extremes of the parasympathetic channel, joining the vagus nerve to the hypogastric plexus, thus making possible a conscious connection with the sacred aspect of the parasympathetic system. The vibrations generated at the sacrum level can be compared to a radio broadcast, reacting on the hypogastric plexus, then the aortic, then the solar plexus, cardiac, cervical, and up to the top of the head.

As with electro magnetic waves, these vibrations radiate in the environment like a transmitter which sends its energy by antennae, amplified in the case of larger wire receivers. Thus each plexus becomes like a transmitter in tune with and interacting with the vibrations of the universe and those of other humans or objects. in the immediate environment. When this energy traverses the top of the head, a connection (called “yoga”) is established with the primordial cosmic energy and the person experiencing this feels a cool breeze (spiritus in latin) coming out of the top of the head and on the palms of the hands, a phenomen illustrated and described in numerous cultures (as in the Pentecost at the time of Christ). In this state, intuitive or  supra normal” information which Russian researchers attributed to torsion fields (capable of transmitting information without energy at a speed superior to light), can reach the conscious mind sensitized by this evolutionary experience. Effects of this awakening include a regeneration of damaged plexuses, and a reestablishmentof the balance between the two sympathetic channels. Another effect is the possibility to  physically feel the state of one’s plexuses or of those on whom one places one’s attention. This awareness allows one to adjust one’s behaviour according to the qualities of plexuses, thus achievinga balance (Tao) necessary for optimal well-being.

In concrete terms, the practice of yoga, or meditation represents a state of awareness without thoughts, characterized by a calming and harmonizing of all bodily functions, thus improving or even curing a large number of psychosomatic ailments.
• Perhaps you are wondering how this phenomenon occurs?
• How can you initiate the awakening of this energy capable of repairing damaged energy circuits?
• How can you feel yourinner peace which is unperturbed by stress?
• In a word, how to feel good ?

It’s simple! In the olden times, one had to meditate for years and sacrifice one’s worldly life in order to achieve a state of inner peace and balance. We could become ascetics in the forest, but there is a much easier way in these modern times. One simply needs to ask someone who already has this energy awakened, like a candle which has been lit, enlightens another candle. In this way the connection with the collective unconscious is established. You may not immediately reach a state of total enlightenment, system increases, as well as the state of thoughtless awareness. Like a messy room in the dark, once you turn on the light it is easier to clean up the room.

So if you want to awaken your energy and experience for yourself all of the above, come and find out
about Sahaja Yoga and we will show you how you can achieve a real state of well being. 

We do not charge any money, as how can you pay for something which is already inside you?


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