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Written by www.blossomtimes.org   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 11:12

The Corporate sector today is one of the biggest boosters of the World economy. However as a by- product many of their employees carry a huge stress factor in their lives. We all know stress when we see it (or feel it), yet it's hard to define. Society  pushes us to attain wealth, power, and success along with a great personal and family life – This is probably the biggest stressful dilemma today. People are trying to pursue all of the material goods and all of the personal strivings and increasingly loosing control over their own life!





The way out is however much simpler than the definition of stress itself – Sahaja Yoga Meditation! A number of Sahaja Yoga workshops have been organized at various corporate campuses across the world. To mention a few: Infosys, Oracle,IBM, Value Labs, Aztec, ICICI Bank, Dr.  Reddy’s Labs, NTPC, NGRI etc.


These workshops have been specifically designed as a comprehensive Stress Management program, spread over 3 days.

·         On the 1st day, there is a discussion on the Subtle System and how Stress affects the human body and how Sahaja Yoga Meditation can be effectively used to manage stress in our daily lives. This is followed by a Self Realization session.

·         On the 2nd day there is a discussion on ‘Regular Meditation at home’ and the participants are taught the simple 3-step process of raising Kundalini, taking a Bandhan and Balancing.

·         On the 3rd and the final day there is a practical session on ‘Guided Meditation at each of the seven energy centres’


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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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