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Tuesday, 24 November 2009 18:19

Subtle System


The Seven Chakras (plexuses) are:

  1. Mooladhara
  2. Swadhishthana
  3. Nabhi
  4. Anahata
  5. Vishuddhi
  6. Agnya
  7. Sahasrara

These are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

The Three Nadis (Channels) are:

  1. Ida (left sympathetic) - corresponds to our past, emotions, desires, terminates at superego (storehouse of all habits, memories, conditionings)
  2. Pingala (right sympathetic) - corresponds to our actions and planning, mental and physical activity, terminates at ego which gives “I-ness”
  3. Sushumna (para sympathetic)- channel of ascent, sustains our evolution and guides us towards higher awareness
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There are actually three channels in the system. The one in the center is called Sushumna, which caters to the parasympathetic nervous system, or the autonomous nervous system. The one on the the left looks after the left sympathetic nervous system and on the right it looks after the right sympathetic nervous system. Now, it is not accepted yet, or discovered yet in medical science, that the left and right sympathetic nervous systems are two different juxtaposed systems. Their functions are absolutely opposite to each other.


The left side channel is called the Ida Nadi and is connected to the right side and back of the brain. The two left and right channels cross at the Agnya Chakra level. This channel caters to the left sympathetic nervous system. This channel looks after our emotional life and our past. It is the channel which creates our past. Whatever is present today becomes past tomorrow. The subconcious mind recieves information from this channel. The subconscious mind has an age-old collective subconscious mind beyond it. Everything that was in the past since creation resides dormant in the collective subconscious. This collective subconscious has all that is dead in the evolutionary process collected and stored. Whatever that is dead or gone out of the subconscious mind goes out ino the collective subconscious mind.


Thr right side channel is called as Pingala Nadi , which crosses Ida Nadi at Agnya Chakra level. It is connected with the left side and the front of the brain. This channel caters for the right sympathetic nervous system. On the right hand side there is the supraconscious mind, which creates our future. Whenever we think about our future is recorded on the right hand side, and it also has a collective supraconscious, which has got all that is dead, which happened due to over-ambitious, futuristic personalities, aggressive animals or plants.


The Central path is called the Sushumna , through which the Kundalini passes to pierce through the 'Fontanelle bone area' (Little fountain or Brahmarandhra) to enter into the subtle energy of the all-pervading power. This is how the actualisation of Self-Realization (Baptism) takes place. First the hands feel at the fontanelle bone area and on the finger tips the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. The hands are steady, they do not shake, they look normal but the seeker feels the ripples of the coll breeze. For the first time he feels the existence of the all-pervading power.


Gland System


In body there are certain organs which themselves secret fluid with their special properties, which helps in the action and growth of the body, known as a glands. The secretion of glands is known as hormone on which physical- mental growth depends. Indian Spiritual Music has advocated exercises for the proper secretion which ultimately result in to the growth of body mind complex.


These glands are known as a ductless glands because they pass their secretions directly into blood and lymph etc. These glands are namely Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Adrenal and Tastes or in case of women Ovaries. Ductless land are situated at the different parts of the body. The Pineal and Pituitary are situated in the brain. The Thyroid is situated in the neck. The thymus is situated between the neck and chest. The Adrenals are situated above the kidneys. The ovaries in the case of female are situated in the pelvic region where as the testes the corresponds male productive glands are located in the Scrotum.


It has been scientifically found out that the ductless glands secretion very powerfully affects the physical , mental, and emotional balance of the body. Hence proper secretion of it enhances the growth of the body-mind over secretion and under secretion results into abnormalities.
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