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Written by freemeditation.ca   
Thursday, 26 November 2009 16:03

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is about tapping into one’s spiritual energy, firstly by recognizing that it exists through Enlightenment (Self-realization), and thereafter by using it to improve one's life. It is important to remember that Sahaja Yoga is not a philosophy of blind faith, it is a truth which is physically verifiable by all those who practice it, via the cool breeze or vibrations that one feels on the hands or head.

It may be easier, therefore, to consider Sahaja Yoga as the discovery of a sixth sense - the world of vibrations. Once you have experienced the cool breeze on the hands, it is possible to detect similar vibrations emitted from other objects or even situations.

For instance after Enlightenment (Self-realization), if you should take a stroll around a prestigious art gallery, it is possible to feel the vibrations which emanate from certain old masters such as the Mona Lisa, which were painted with the true love of an artist and not simply for commercial gain as with much modern 'art'. In the same way it is possible, in fact preferable, to use a photograph of Shri Mataji (which obviously emits the strong vibrations of a deeply spiritual person) in order to assist our own spirit to respond to the meditation in a stronger and deeper manner.

Simply by sitting calmly in front of a picture of Shri Mataji and holding the hands out with palms upwards, it is possible to feel the onset of the cool vibrations over the fingers. If we then symbolize the use of the fire element by placing a candle in front of the picture, this sensation is intensified, with the result that we find it much easier to go into meditation as we settle down.

There are many techniques for clearing any blockage that we might feel in our subtle body. All these meditation techniques are very effective if they are practiced on a regular basis.

Using the elements as a meditation technique

Sahaja Yoga Meditation makes full use of the elements, which in themselves are the basic building blocks of nature. Fire and water are represented in Sahaja Yoga by using a candle when we meditate and by foot-soaking in water which is a very effective way of relaxing prior to and during a meditation (especially after the tribulations of a day at work). In its purest form, fire is represented by the natural flame of the sun, and likewise water by the sea (a day out at the seaside takes on a whole new meaning in Sahaja Yoga terms!).

We use the earth element to help clear our subtle body by putting salt in the footsoaking water, or by the simple technique of sitting on the bare earth or grass whilst meditating. Again it acts as a huge, primal 'heat-sink' for the cares and woes of modern day living and can produce a very satisfying meditation.

Footsoaking as a meditation technique

Footsoaking Footsoaking is a Sahaja Yoga Meditation technique which many people will recognise from everyday life. Quite simply it is the Sahaja Yoga version of putting the feet in a bowl (or foot spa) of warm water as a way of relaxing after a tiring day. It is best done in the evening, and the main difference in Sahaja terms is that salt is added to the water (to represent the earth element). In this way we use all the elements - fire (with the candle), air, water and earth.

Simply sit with your feet in a bowl of lukewarm salted water for 10 to 15 minutes in the evening whilst you meditate. When finished, wash off and dry your feet, throw the water away down the toilet and wash out the footsoak bowl. Try not to use the bowl for any purpose other than the footsoak.

This simple routine is one of the single most powerful methods we can use to help our meditation, and most people when they try it report amazing results in that they sleep better and awake more refreshed in every way. If you are serious about going deeper in your meditation you will need to try this amazing meditation technique!

For reading the complete article please go to www.freemeditation.ca.

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