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Monday, 08 February 2010 10:51

Music is a divine vehicle that can take us to a higher state. But not any music - music itself must be in tune with Spirit, in other words to emit divine vibrations. Indian classical music, which is based on the primal sound OM, emits such vibrations, and also many of the works written by the great Western classical music composers.

Many of the titans who are considered geniuses in music were born realized souls (Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, to cite a few). After Self Realization, you can hold your palms out towards the music you are listening to, or even towards the CD or tape, and if you feel vibrations coolness), then that music is in tune with your Spirit and with the Divine, There are many Sahaja Yogis who have discovered a new dimension of their talent in music, as well as renowned artists who have achieved great heights through their Self Realization.



One such renowned singer amidst us is Dr. Arun Shridhar Apte who is registered medicinal practitioner in music therapy. He is a specialist in singing Hindustani classical ragas and semi classical music like Thumari, Bhajans, Stage music(Natya sangeet) Marathi Bhavageet and has also composed and set to music many Devotional Bandishis. Dr. Apte and his wife Surekha have given lectures and demonstrations explaining therapeutic and curative powers of sound in several parts of India and Europe. He has developed new and innovative techniques of “Indian Vocal Music Therapy”. Dr. Arun Apte’s “Indian Vocal Music Therapy” is a culmination of Ten years research on the effects of Indian Music based on a combination of multiple sciences. It is not only therapeutic for physical, mental and emotional disorders, but it also elevates the participant to a new spiritual dimension effortlessly. This unique therapy package is a one to two day workshop which includes using applied knowledge of Music notes, Omkar, Bija Mantras, Bija Akshar, Mantras, Shlokas, Nomton and Raga methods for self-help medication The obvious health benefits of this music therapy are:


Stress management- overcoming and avoiding depression


ADHD- has a positive improvement in people suffering from attention deficit Improves pronunciation and voice for particular profession


Expecting mothers and children greatly benefit from inner quality development and achieve inner peace


Achieving easy, quick, deep and effortless meditation for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ascent.


The vibrations with the help of this music therapy not only in the creative process but also in transporting the residents into realms of meditation and spirituality.



The Mother

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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