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Written by Blossom Times   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 10:21

Atomic theory, an ancient science has been described in Vedic texts from India which are many thousands of years old. The sages oversaw the development of the highly advanced Vedic civilisation through their mystic insights and deep meditation. They discovered the ancient symbols of spirituality: the aumkara and the swastika, and also discovered many of the scientific principles that they applied to develop a highly advanced technology. They gave the atom its Sanskrit name: anu. While the technical achievements of this ancient civilisation have been forgotten the archetypal symbols of spirituality have maintained their eminence in our consciousness.

The first view, a 3–dimensional aumkara and 2-dimensional view of a swastika, came into the attention of a great Indian saint and his disciples. This view is based on the positions occupied by the electrons within in the carbon atom. The electrons occupy four tear drop shaped clouds in a tetrahedron-like arrangement within the carbon atom. These clouds represent the areas in which the electrons spend most of their time. They move so rapidly in this zone that they form a cloud rather than a specific flight path. The electron's high probability zone formed spiral standing waves around the carbon atom's nucleus. When this configuration was viewed from certain angles, these spirals formed recognisable symbols – the aumkara and a flat, 2-dimensional swastika. Rotating the model to a different angle shows those symbols changing into the Greek symbols: alpha and omega.

Thus, the aumkara and the swastika at a cosmic level are the symbols of Eastern spirituality and only different aspects of the same spiritual truth that is also represented by the symbols of Western spirituality (alpha and omega). The carbon atom, by containing within it these universal symbols, demonstrates that matter is a manifestation of the same Divine consciousness experienced by the saints and sages throughout history.

Matter is innately spiritual.


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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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