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In colleges and universities, it is very important to encourage the wholesome and healthy development of their students' personalities, in addition to providing their academic education. Peer pressure, low self esteem and the desire to "fit in" challenge our young people and often lead them into self-destructive behaviours such as alcohol and drug use, smoking and other harmful habits. There is a strong and immediate demand for methods to help teenagers and youngsters of all ages maintain their balance and grow into healthy personalities.

Sahaja Yoga meditation techniques help students of all ages with simple methods of relaxation, meditation and self-learning. The introduction of simple methods of relaxation and meditation to students will not only help to educate them about the dangers and direct consequences of consuming alcohol or taking drugs, but also will provide an effective way for students to build immunity against such behaviors, giving them a new, positive resource to turn to when they are feeling challenged.

Simple and intuitive techniques in Sahaja Yoga help students to become attuned to themselves and to become comfortable with who they are. Once the inner peace is established within them, it is much easier for them to make their own educated and informed decisions - decisions about what they would like to be in life and about what is detrimental to their personal development, despite all the peer pressure that may act in their environments. Self-respect, clarity of purpose and inner strength are the types of qualities we would like all teenagers to express so that they develop into healthy, energetic and inspired personalities.

Sahaja yoga programs address the following issues:

  • The existence of the system of subtle energy within a human being and factors which impact its state;
  • The link between the state of the subtle system and the state of physical, emotional and mental well-being;
  • Simple methods of relaxation, balancing and meditation which help restore inner balance, energy and strength to overcome and resist all destructive habits;
  • Awakening of personal inner potential as a main condition of self-realization and personal development;
  • The establishment of harmony within and without through self-knowledge, arts, and science.

Sahaja yoga programs have been successfully held at many educational institutions - each program had a strong, positive and noticeable impact on the students and children. These programs are offered as a community service, at no charge.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009 16:47

The body's nervous system, which is part of an ultra sophisticated control mechanism, is divided into three parts; the Central, Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous Systems. These systems control how we act and perceive our universe through the senses and the autonomic system also governs the automatic running of our bodies by controlling essential non-conscious tasks such as the rate of our beat.

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