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Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation for Corporates पीडीएफ़ मुद्रण ई-मेल
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It is no secret that the most effective workforce is the one that has learned to balance the emotional and intellectual capacities well. It is no longer useful to measure a person’s intelligent quotient in isolation, as a measure of how they might perform. Increasingly companies are realizing that a highly developed emotional intelligence is very important to achieve business success. People practicing Sahaja Yoga over an extended period of time have been shown to have a highly developed emotional intelligence.

Sahaja Yoga programs have been coordinated for Government Agencies and Private corporations. The benefits are broken down as follows:

Positive Inner Change - What Meditation Can Do For Individuals

  • Enhanced physical and psychological well-being
  • More effective cognitive processes (memory, analysis, evaluation)
  • Improved awareness, maturity and balance
  • Improved decision making and creativity (less risk averse)
  • Increased interpersonal effectiveness
  • Ability to cope with stress (resistance to and recovery from)

Positive Climate Control - What Meditation Can Do For the Workplace

  • Improved interpersonal and group effectiveness
  • Self motivated ethical behaviors
  • Creative and synergistic problem solving
  • Heightened morale and improved working conditions
  • Develop customer service aptitudes and attitudes
  • Constructive collaboration vs destructive competitiveness

High Performance Culture - What Meditation Can Do For the Company

  • High performance culture: positive/innovative/adaptable/sustainable
  • Enhanced ability to deliver customer satisfaction
  • More satisfied, productive and loyal employees
  • Enhanced innovation processes in operations and administration
  • Responsible corporate citizenship
  • Fulfillment of "Duty of Care"
  • Increased productivity and increased corporate value


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