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Written by Dr. Brotin Khan for Blossom Times   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010 10:11

According to the Meta Science of Sahaja Yoga, as revealed by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, there exists a subtle instrument in each human being which is ready for connection with the higher consciousness beyond the human awareness. When this connection between our limited self (The Atma) and the Unlimited Divine Power (The Paramatma) is established and made stronger, transformation within occurs automatically. Our attention turns inward and we become very introspective. We start judging and perfecting ourselves instead of judging and trying to perfect others. It is logical also because we have no control over others but we can control and change ourselves. 

We have a special power called as the Kundalini which cleanses us, comforts us, redeems us, counsels us and connects us to the All Pervading Divine Power. Also we have the Chakras as life force within us, with vital life energy spinning at these points. 
The left sympathetic nervous system the Ida Nadi or Moon Channel represents the power of desire of an individual. It brings our attention to the memories of the past. The energy flow in this nadi is blocked by conditioning, superstitions, feeling of guilt, to much pity on self, sexual perversion and pornography. As long as this channel remains active there is human desire to remain alive.
When we use the sympathetic nervous system, we consume energy. Thus, the Managers or people who are using the left sympathetic channel too much are the persons who are often thinking of the past, are very emotional, avoid meeting people and are introverts. They cannot face criticism, are by nature indolent, lack ambition and dislike responsibilities and change. They are inherently self-centered and indifferent to organizational needs. These groups of people are dealt with management by control and this does not yield the optimum result.
Right sympathetic nervous system the Pingla Nadi or the Sun Channel represents our power of actions It makes us think, work, plan and organise for the future events. Whereas we have control over the sympathetic nervous system, we have no control over the functions of parasympathetic nervous system, known as Sushumna or the central channel, like the digestion of food, function of lungs, heart etc.
The Managers or people who are using their right sympathetic channel too much are always very aggressive. They always like to dominate over others and make the employer or colleague's lives miserable; keeping the credits of any success intact for themselves only thus team work is not promoted and the organizations suffers. These people are invariably hard task masters and workaholics lacking work-life balance. Though they work like lieutenants, they may not be prepared to take the best decision for the company.
Once the Kundalini awakens, it brings us into a state of complete balance from inside and thus the Managers who are in balance are the most efficient and adored ones by their teams, they can take the absolute decisions under guidance from the subtle energy.


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