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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 10:18

Sahaja Yoga and its principles were presented at an International Conference recently held at Bangalore, India. The conference was hosted by Sampurnam Montfort College in collaboration with Bangalore University and the Centre for Diversity in Counseling and Psychotherapy, an interdisciplinary centre housed in the University of Toronto, Canada, with the theme ‘Building Bridges for Wellness through Counseling and Psychotherapy’.

Dr. B.J. Suvarna, who is a researcher and also a Sahaja Yoga practitioner, presented her research study, a paper entitled, ‘To find whether yogic techniques effectively reduce menstrual distress’.

The study applied Sahaja Yoga as an intervention technique.  Her research has conclusively proved that Sahaja Yoga indeed effectively reduces menstrual distress.

A workshop entitled ‘Our Inner Powers – Awareness and Management by the Techniques of Sahaja Yoga’, was also conducted by Dr. B.J. Suvarna.

The practical demonstration of Sahaja Yoga techniques and the experiences of the participants were thoroughly enjoyed, with more than 200 people participating. Most were overwhelmed at the subtle experiences, and the paper presentation and workshop were well received at this event.

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